Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday...

Today Molly turns 6 months old! And early this morning (5 AM to be exact) when she wouldn't sleep, I saw a tooth poking through her gums. What a wonderful baby Molly has been over the past 6 months. I tell Matt all the time how happy I am that we gave her the middle name, Joy! It fits her perfectly. She is SO happy and such a joy to us!

The past 6 months:
-Molly is sitting up (almost)
-She loves baths!!!
-She thinks Andrew is the funniest person in the world!
-She loves to be around people (she is very social).
-She does not care about food, but LOVES to nurse (and would all day long if I allowed it).
-Babbles all day long.
-Enjoys being outside, going on walks and watching her big brother play.
-Sleeps 10+ hours a night (when she is not teething).
-ALWAYS wakes up with a smile!

I can not believe Molly is 6 months old already...I wish I could slow down time!

Molly enjoying her bath time! She loves to lay in the water and kick her legs...she just LOVES it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh the CUTE things he (Andrew) says,

Andrew ran to me before nap time and said,
"Mommy, I would rather hang out with you!"

Matt gave Andrew a treat for going poopy on the potty and Andrew comes over to me and says,
"Daddy's a good guy!"

We were in the car on the way somewhere and we had to discipline our son (for doing something, I forget now) and
Matt says: "Andrew do you understand me!"
Andrew replies: "Okkie-Dokkie Daddy"

Matt & Andrew went out to take the garbage out and
Andrew says, "Mommy don't forget about my baby brother" (like I could forget about Molly)
I say, "You mean your baby sister?"
Andrew: "No my baby brother"

We were outside playing and Andrew made Molly a dirt cake. I told Andrew that Molly was going to be 1 on her birthday in July and Andrew says: "I am going to be 2:30 on my birthday."

After nap time Andrew was watching Dinosaur Train and he says to me, "I don't want a bum-bum Mommy, I want a tail"!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hands & Feet...she's so SWEET!

I don't have much to say...these pictures speak for themselves...YES, she is this happy almost all the time!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating food...well sort of...

Right around Christmas time I started feeding Molly food (she was 5 months). Then I stopped for awhile because she did not seem interested. Now I am back to it. She is a totally different eater than Andrew was. What ever you put in Andrew's mouth he would eat it (he is still pretty much like that today). Molly is another story. The only thing I can get this kid to eat is bananas and apple sauce. Oh, and her food HAS to be heated up or she won't eat it. And she still wants to nurse all the time too. The other night when I was feeding her I said aloud, "Molly, a girl can not live on breast milk & bananas alone!"

Enjoy these pics of her first food!
Trying it...
Spitting it out (she does a lot of spitting out)
This is her, "I am a cute baby" face
Even though she did not eat much, she still finished with a smile!

As you can see from the pics, Molly is definitely not lacking food...she has enough chub to get herself through these winter months! He, He, He!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas recap

Well, I was very bad about taking pictures this Christmas. That is sad to me because it was Molly's first Christmas and I wanted more pictures to document that, but nothing I can do about it now. This was the first Christmas in 4 years that we were home as a family- just the 4 of us. We spent time opening gifts as a family and then our extended family visited...Matt's parents & sis, my dad & his wife, my mom & Tom, Aunt Liza & Uncle Kevin and some of our good friends Dan & Rachel. After naptime we went to my sister's house, ate a very yummy dinner and opened more presents. It was a fun day. Here are the few pics I did take (of course there is not one picture of me...I guess that happens when you are the mom, always taking the pics!)

Merry 1st Christmas, Molly Joy

Nene & Molly

Nene & Andrew (I love his photo b/c Andrew loves giving my mom hugs)

Andrew's new football he can use in the pool

Sweet Grace and the fire truck we gave her. Grace LOVES fire trucks, firefighters, etc!

Molly reading her new book from Aunt Miranda

This says it all...Molly was worn out after her first Christmas!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My baby sister gets married!

Most of you know that my little sister got married last month. She found out in October that she was pregnant, so she and her (already) fiance decided to move the wedding up to December. You can read her whole story on her blog. Matt performed her wedding and honesty, it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have ever been a part of! The reception was a blast too!

Liza, the beautiful bride!

Molly & my Mom

The ring bearer, Andrew & the flower girl, Grace (it looks like they are about to go at it).

Aunt Liza and her Drew-Drew

Just the three of us (I love this photo)

Me and my handsome boy!

Nene & Papa with their Molly Joy-Joy (that is what they call her)!

First Dance

Cutting the cake!

I love him! Almost 7 years later and we are still so in love!

Congrats Liza & Kevin. We are so happy for you both! Can not wait to meet baby McGee too!

Moss Family

Since I asked you to pray in my last post, I thought I could give you something to pray for TODAY and for awhile. Please keep the Moss family in your prayers. Danielle is a friend of my from school (we go way back to being friends in 3rd grade, middle school, high school and even our first year of college- until she transfered). Anyway, she and her husband have a very sick little boy named, Kian. You can read all about their story on their blog.

Andrew has been praying for baby Kian for almost a year now...let's all keep praying!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Look, New Post & New Year

Well, I have done a lot of thinking lately and was considering closing down the blog. I thought, "Do I even need to continue with this blog, does anyone even read it?" I thought about the time it takes to update it and to write on it. After thinking through all of this I came to the conclusion that I would keep the blog. Here is why; I do this blog for me (sorry for the few of you that do read it). I do this blog, so when I get to sit down and journal in the two baby books I am trying to keep up with, I can go back and look on my blog to see what Andrew & Molly have accomplished, the silly things they have done or said, and the bench marks they have made in their lives. I use this blog as almost a record book for me kids.

So with all that to say, I am going to keep up with it! I changed the look of the blog up a little too. I am going to make some changes this year in my journaling too. For those of you whom I don't talk to often enough (believe me there are A LOT of you), I want you to be able to use my blog to see how not only what Loveall family is doing, but how the Loveall family is feeling too. Most of you don't know (other than my mom), what a hard year 2010 was for us. I will not go into it in to much detail, but moving, having a baby, getting ordained (Matt that is) and planting a church was hard on our family this year. We are so thankful for everything we went through and for all the Lord blessed us with in 2010, but it was a hard year on our family. I hope to share more of those struggles (and JOYS too) with you all.

The reason for all of this change is so you can PRAY! I know I do have some blog readers out there that would be praying for me, if I asked (Thank you, Aunt Terri). I am a pastor's wife and there are people I try to remember to pray for all day long. But I never ask for anyone to pray for me or our family. So I am asking my bloggers to pray; pray for me as a mom & wife, pray for my husband as a dad, husband & pastor; as he now tries to grow the church he recently planted, and pray for my kids as they are stuck with us and the life we are leading them in.

I will still update you on my two wonderful children, but I am going to be more 'real' with you all too. No, I will not throw my life up on you everytime you visit, but there will be times I just ask for prayer! Thanks in advanced for those of you who do read this blog and who will pray, we (all the Lovealls) appreciate it!

Stay tuned I have some recent pics of the kids I am going to post soon!