Saturday, April 28, 2007

Girls Night Out- The Chocolate Bar!

Last night Matt stayed in to work on his 10 page thesis paper and I went out with the girls! We enjoyed taking, laughing and our chocolate martinis. What a blast we had at Baileys Chocolate Bar last night!
Nikki, Me & Lyra

Friday, April 27, 2007

Groundbreaking Ceremony at Covenant!

Today at Covenant Seminary there was a big groundbreaking ceremony for the new administrative building they are in the process of putting up. The ceremony started at 11:00 am with chapel and then continued with a lunch and hangout. Here are some pictures from today!

We began the ceremony with worship.

Dr. Chapell opened the chapel ceremony.

What is a groundbreaking with out the shiny shovels?

They took pictures of a bunch of people involved here at Covenant. This is a group of elderly women who help out during all the functions at Covenant. That is their ministry in the awesome is that?!

They wanted the students to be involved in the ceremony so they had us sign actual drywall that is going to be put up in the new building...i thought that was kind of dorky!

Before the lunch was over I had to get a picture with my "2:45 club" These girls work with me and we all take a break together at 2:45 to hang out and chat!

Melissa, Carin, Me and Nicolle

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Easter Weekend!

On Thursday evening we went to a Passover Dinner. A family from Seminary (the Barbers) have been hosting this dinner for the past nine years (in their home town of Georgia). We were excited to have been invited. We spent the evening in worship, eating and drinking and living out the biblical story of the Passover. It was an amazing night! What a way to start out the Easter weekend!

Look, we even sat on pillows on the floor!

Derek led us in worship, it was awesome!

Then on Saturday afternoon we had some of our friends (and their children) over for an Easter Egg Hunt. We had about 12 kids running around our backyard looking for candy-filled eggs. Matt spent 2 hours hiding about 200 eggs. It was so fun watching the little kids run around and find eggs. We had fun!

Sunday we went to Church (Matt got up to go to the sunrise service, I didn't). We went to a brunch before church and the enjoyed the Easter Service at our new church, Heritage Presbyterian. After church we went to Sean & Nikki's house (they are the new pastor and pastor's wife at our church). We had a blast hanging out, eating and enjoying the fellowship. Even though we were away from our family it did not feel like it. We have made a little family here in St. Louis. Nikki even made all the ladies Easter baskets. Thanks Nikki!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Poison Ivy Infection

Matt works for a family down the road. He does little jobs around their house (for example: landscaping, cleaning out cars, pulling weeds, hanging lights and pictures, and fixing things, etc.). Well at work on Thursday he was clearing their back yard when he came across some poison ivy (he did not realize it at the time). On Sunday afternoon we noticed his arm looked like it was swelling from the amount of poison ivy he had. It was also spreading to his legs, stomach, face, and other arm. He went to the doctors on Monday to find out his arm was infected. After a lot of money in medicine we finally feel like it is under control. Matt has been pretty miserable. He is having a hard time staying focused because of how irritable the itch is. Please keep him in your prayers for the next couple weeks.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The Loveall Home!

Finally, some pictures of our home in St. Louis, Missouri. We still have some more things we want to change about it (ie- the yard), but we feel we have made this house our HOME!

Our Living Room

Dining Room- a work in progress still

Our Kitchen

Our Family Room

The Master Bedroom

Our Guest Room

Guest Bathroom- what else do you do with a bathroom with pink tile? Paint the walls brown, find a cute shower curtain and hope for the best. We think it turned out cute!

The Basement-another work in progress...we would LOVE to finish it!

Well, we hope you liked the grand tour of our house. I did not put a picture of Matt's office because it is always messy and well I forgot. Enjoy!