Friday, April 27, 2007

Groundbreaking Ceremony at Covenant!

Today at Covenant Seminary there was a big groundbreaking ceremony for the new administrative building they are in the process of putting up. The ceremony started at 11:00 am with chapel and then continued with a lunch and hangout. Here are some pictures from today!

We began the ceremony with worship.

Dr. Chapell opened the chapel ceremony.

What is a groundbreaking with out the shiny shovels?

They took pictures of a bunch of people involved here at Covenant. This is a group of elderly women who help out during all the functions at Covenant. That is their ministry in the awesome is that?!

They wanted the students to be involved in the ceremony so they had us sign actual drywall that is going to be put up in the new building...i thought that was kind of dorky!

Before the lunch was over I had to get a picture with my "2:45 club" These girls work with me and we all take a break together at 2:45 to hang out and chat!

Melissa, Carin, Me and Nicolle

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