Wednesday, June 29, 2011


These pictures are pretty old, but I had to post them because they are so darn cute! Molly has been standing for awhile now. She is not walking but she is crawling (fast) and pulling up on to furniture and walking along side that. I have a feeling she will be walking soon!

Enjoy these ADORABLE pics!
This was how I found her...standing, grinning through her passie!

...that is one happy baby, my friends!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Molly, 11 months...

Today my sweet Molly Joy is 11 months old. I am happy about this, but a little sad too. I don't know why I am so sentimental about her growing up (I was not at all with Andrew). She is just growing so fast and I think I want her to stay a baby- I need to get over that! :) She is just the happiest, silliest baby! She is really starting to become a little person!

Here are a few picture of me and Molly snuggling!

Yes, my shirt says, HOT & HOLY (it is from a ladies bible study I did this past spring, sort of an inside joke)! :)

Molly snuggling with Mommy in the morning!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Andrew's stats

Well I am behind on blogging (so what else is new), but I wanted to fill you all in on Andrew's stats. We took him to the Dr. for this 3 year check up.

Weight: 36 pounds- 90%
Height: 43 inches- 97%

Surprise he is still big! :) According to the doctor he is right on track! She gave him an A++

Facts about Andrew:
-He can swim all by himself (across the pool)
-LOVES Firefighters, Police & Ambulance drivers
-Can count to 13ish
-Knows all his colors
-Knows all the words to these songs: Jesus Loves Me, BINGO, the Doxology, Twinkle, Zaccheus, This Little Light of Mine, My God is So Big, ect. I could go on!
-Still naps (for 2-3 hours)
-Loves Curious George & Little Critter books
-Favorite movie is Toy Story
-Loves fishing, playing outside, play-dough, coloring & pretending he is going camping!
-His buddies are Austen, Ezra, Grace, Caroline, Ian, Hudson & Marcus
-His favorite foods are chicken, broccoli, spaghetti, pizza, carrots & ranch, Golden Grahams cereal, peas, & mint-chip icecream
-He loves spending time with Mommy, Daddy & Molly and his other family (especially all the cousins & grandparents)!

Well, I could go on all day about my sweet 3 year old, but I will just leave you with these adorable pictures!

Andrew with his swim teach, Ms. Kimmie! We love her and are so thankful her-she taught Andrew to swim!!!

Matt and I check the kids each night before bed and this was how we found Andrew sleeping the other night...

This is a common occurrence in our house, Andrew in his fire-fighter gear (pants or not)! :) The vacuum piece is his fire hose!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Andrew's 1st EVER haircut...

Can you believe it my son did not get a hair cut until his 3rd birthday?! He was so excited to get one and he was such a good boy! It was sad to cut those curls off, but he looks so handsome now, and he looks like such a big 3 year old!



Sitting in the chair like a big boy!

My handsome 3 year old! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Celebration...

We had a great 3rd Birthday celebration Curious George style! The food was yummy, the company was wonderful (mainly just our family) and the birthday boy had a blast!

Andrew & Molly wore their Curious George gear to church (the morning before the party). Oh and I made the dress Molly is wearing!

Birthday banner (made by me)!

Daddy & Molly before the party...

Birthday treats...

The Birthday boy in his new chair (courtesy of Nene & Papa)!

Cupcake time!

...and a picture with the birthday boy at the end of the night! We know how to have fun & be silly. And if you can see behind me I found these new markers called, Window Markers (where you can color on any glass surface). Andrew (and Matt & I) loves them & they are easy to clean off.

Do they look alike???

Who is this? Andrew or Molly?

What about this?

The first photo is of Molly & the second one is of Andrew (in case you could not tell). The reason Molly has on boy jammies is because she is growing so fast we can not keep up with getting PJ's for her- she has been wearing Andrew's old ones. People tell me all the time how much they look alike. And I agree, but I definitely see some significant differences too!

Molly, 10 months!