Monday, May 31, 2010

Andrew's 2nd Birthday party...

Since Andrew's birthday was the day after we got back from St. Louis we just had a small get together at our house with just our family. It was nice. Andrew was spoiled, of course and he really enjoyed all the attention.

Andrew loved his new bike...he has been asking for one for awhile now!

Both Grandpa's putting together Andrew's new basketball hoop (I think Matt plays with this more than Andrew).

Grace & Andrew patiently waiting for Grandpa to put together a gift for them...

Happy Birthday to you...

The whole Loveall family on Andrew's birthday...

Andrew enjoying his cake (that is what he called the cupcake).

Grace enjoying her cupcake too!

Nene and her birthday boy!

Andrew playing in a box after the party was over!

The reason my son does not have his shirt on for half of these pictures is because our air went out the night of his was VERY hot. One of the benefits of renting is that our air was fixed that night before we all went to sleep!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy 6 year Anniversary

6 years ago (yesterday, I am a day late), I married my wonderful husband. This is actually our 12th year together- if you can believe that, but our 6th year married. What a wonderful man I married 6 years ago. I am so blessed to be his wife and the mother of his children.

Thank you for 6 wonderful years, honey!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pregnancy update...

Check out that belly...taken at 28 weeks!

I went to the doctor's yesterday for my 28 week check up. Things seem to be going well and moving right along other than the fact that I am huge, have reached my total weight gain that I did the whole pregnancy with Andrew and I feel like I could birth this baby tomorrow. Well, there seems to be an explanation for that...I am measuring 32 weeks ahead- a whole month ahead. I am really not surprised because this whole pregnancy I have felt like I was a month further along that I really was.

In the beginning at got a positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks- which is REALLY early. I have shown much sooner and felt much larger. I have gained much more weight and just felt so big so much sooner. Now, yes this could be just because I am having a girl and it could mean that I do have 12 more weeks to go, but at this point I would not be surprised if this little girl is born in July, instead of August.

I am at the point in my pregnancy where I go to the doctor's every two weeks. I am making my rounds seeing the two other doctor's in the practice- only because my OB is due at the same time as my original due date. They have not changed my due date, but I have sort of thought all along that it was off (only because I ovulated really early). So with all that so say, I a feel good, but big. Baby girl Loveall has a great heart beat and they told me I passed my Gestational Diabetes test with flying colors! So I can not complain! I will keep you all updated in two more weeks.

Oh and we think we have decided on a name, but if you know could change in a week! We will be sure to tell you sooner than later...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

St. Louis, Matt's Graduation

As you can see below, I am doing some blog catching up!
On Friday night Matt graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary (this really happened in December, but we went back so he could walk). It was a great time and I was so proud of my husband. It was fun to feel like it was official. The service was at a local church in the area (to fit everyone's family). The ceremony was wonderful, the speaker, Allistair Begg was amazing and I was one proud wife when my husband walked across that stage.

The handsome graduate!

Matt walking in...

Me and my girls waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Matt during the ceremony. He sat with the other Master's of Divinity Graduates!

At Covenant when you walk on stage, two of the professors from your grad. program place a hood over your shoulders. This symbolizes your degree and each part of the hood symbolizes something too (the outside indicates theological studies; the color is that of traditional Scottish clergy; and the size depends on your degree, in Matt's case Master's of Divinity.)

Matt receiving his diploma from the president of the seminary, Dr. Bryan Chapell.

St. Louis, Photos with Friends!

After the ceremony we had to take some photos with our great friends that celebrated with us! Yes, we wanted Matt to be able to 'walk' at graduation and yes, we wanted to be a part of the festivities, but we really wanted to go back to St. Louis to see our friends that were our family over the past 3.5 years. We just love them and miss them all already!!!

The two graduates, Conner & Matt

The handsome graduate and his very pregnant wife!

My sweet friends, Krystal & Conner

These are my girls. The girls that I spent most of my time with, the girls that I just love, the girls I was SO happy to see!
April, Me, Hope & Conner (there are a few of my other buddies missing)

This is such a classic Wes & Matt photo...I had to include it. The two of these guys are usually doing something goofy together! I love it! :)

Matt and one of his best buds, Wes

St. Louis, Baccalaureate

What a wonderful Baccalaureate service at Covenant on Thursday night. It was so great to be back in the chapel worshiping, surrounded by our great friends! Dr. Chapell preached an amazing sermon and we enjoyed the cookie reception after. It was an emotional night because of some student testimonies, beautiful worship and great company.

The graduate and me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

St. Louis, first night...

I have a lot of blogging to catch up...I will get to the graduation pictures, but I wanted to start here. Our first night back in St. Louis we went to hang out at our Pastor's house and all our bestest friends from church! Of course I only took pictures of the babies. It was great to see them (along with their moms) and how they have grown since December.
More St. Louis picture to come!

Matt & Lucy Watson(10 months)

Sweet Isabella Parsons (7 months)

Emma Sawyers (9 months) & Bella

All three happy daughter will be friends with all these girls someday! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew at 3 months

My blue eye boy!

Andrew is really into showing off his muscles...he even grunts and his face turns red because he is so serious about it- so cute!

Andrew turned 2 yesterday and Matt and I feel so blessed to have had two years with our sweet boy! After his little party was over last night, Matt and I were laying in bed talking about what a blessing he is to us and what a fun little guy he is! He makes me laugh every day, whether it is because it is something he says or some little thing he does. He loves to wrestle with his Daddy and snuggle wit his Mommy! He loves swimming in the pool, looking for lizards, pretending he is fixing something with his tools, or watching Fireman Sam or Curious George. He has found a new love for basketball (which I think is really cool), never wants to wear a shirt (or shoes), and would play outside for hours (even in the blazing heat)!

Some fun facts about Andrew:
-He says his name, Drew Drew James Lovball
-Wants to always put his napkin on his lap (my mom taught him that)
-He is the seatbelt police
-Can count to 10 (with some help)
-Knows the colors; blue, green, yellow & orange
-Loves to kiss & hug anyone who leaves our house
-Loves to sit in his room and read books (by himself)
-Still eats like a champ (my sister things he eats like a grown man)
-Loves any kind of green or black olive & could eat a jar of pickles in one sitting
-Must have his boo-boo kissed- no matter what
-Still sleeps and naps like a champ
-Prays for all his friends & family every night
-Knows my name is Emmie and Dada's name is Matt
-Andrew has never had a hair cut (and still does not have a ton of hair)

We look forward to many more wonderful years of raising our son. We are so thankful for the little boy he is becoming and enjoy watching him grow everyday!
Happy Birthday to our Drew Drew! We sure do love you!

Monday, May 17, 2010

St. Louis here we come...

Early Wednesday morning just Matt & I are heading to St. Louis for his 'official' graduation. We will be staying with our friends and looking forward to seeing all our other friends that are still there. We are very excited about seeing everyone!!! We are also excited about Matt's graduation. When it came down to Matt finishing up we were sad we were going to miss all the graduation celebration (they do not have a graduation ceremony in December), so we decided we needed to be here for it all! We will be home late Saturday night, so it is a short trip, but we are happy about the time we will be there.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A beautiful beach day!

On Matt's day off last week we went to the beach. It was a beauiful day and all three of us REALLY enjoyed it! Andrew has really started loving the sand and especially the water! Enjoy the pics!

Dada playing in the water with Andrew...

Dada & Andrew playing in the sand together!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

My wonderful Mom...


Matt's Mom...

Gramma Graham...

My Sister...

My Sis-in-law..

...and to me too!

Happy Mother's Day, Grandma Karl too (sorry no picture)