Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Andrew!

Andrew at 3 months

My blue eye boy!

Andrew is really into showing off his muscles...he even grunts and his face turns red because he is so serious about it- so cute!

Andrew turned 2 yesterday and Matt and I feel so blessed to have had two years with our sweet boy! After his little party was over last night, Matt and I were laying in bed talking about what a blessing he is to us and what a fun little guy he is! He makes me laugh every day, whether it is because it is something he says or some little thing he does. He loves to wrestle with his Daddy and snuggle wit his Mommy! He loves swimming in the pool, looking for lizards, pretending he is fixing something with his tools, or watching Fireman Sam or Curious George. He has found a new love for basketball (which I think is really cool), never wants to wear a shirt (or shoes), and would play outside for hours (even in the blazing heat)!

Some fun facts about Andrew:
-He says his name, Drew Drew James Lovball
-Wants to always put his napkin on his lap (my mom taught him that)
-He is the seatbelt police
-Can count to 10 (with some help)
-Knows the colors; blue, green, yellow & orange
-Loves to kiss & hug anyone who leaves our house
-Loves to sit in his room and read books (by himself)
-Still eats like a champ (my sister things he eats like a grown man)
-Loves any kind of green or black olive & could eat a jar of pickles in one sitting
-Must have his boo-boo kissed- no matter what
-Still sleeps and naps like a champ
-Prays for all his friends & family every night
-Knows my name is Emmie and Dada's name is Matt
-Andrew has never had a hair cut (and still does not have a ton of hair)

We look forward to many more wonderful years of raising our son. We are so thankful for the little boy he is becoming and enjoy watching him grow everyday!
Happy Birthday to our Drew Drew! We sure do love you!

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