Thursday, December 20, 2007


Matt and I made it to FL yesterday afternoon. My sister had planned with her best-friend (who is an ultra sound tech.) an ultra sound this morning. So, this morning me, Matt, Matt's sister, my Sister and my Mom all crammed into an ultra sound room to find out the sex of our baby! We are SO excited! Hmmmm, now what are we going to name him?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This one is for you Stacy!

Well, since my sister-in-law LOVES snow I had to dedicate this posting to her! We wish you would have been here on Sunday, Stacy! It snowed 6-8 inches in St. Louis over the weekend and Matt and I spent Sunday morning (since church was canceled) playing in the snow!

Our home!
Our backyard!
This is what Matt gets to do when it snows- shovel the driveway and sidewalk!
My first snow angle!
Mr. Snowman

Monday, December 17, 2007

I love these boys!

Some of our dear friends here at Covenant have become like family to us. We love the Lee family! We eat together at least once a week and the husbands are always studying together. Sometimes during my lunch time I go over to their apartment and eat! They are great! We ate dinner at the Lee's on Friday night to celebrate Jared's birthday. After dinner Lyra got the kids ready for bed and Shea (their youngest son) ran out the bathroom saying, "Sit with Emmie, sit with Emmie." He plopped down right beside me naked as a jay bird. Lyra hurried and grabbed the camera and this is what came of it! These boys are adorable! I love them!

They are ADORABLE!
Emmie, Gage and Shea

We are being silly!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Baby-Bump Photo

I am almost 14 weeks, and here is my first prego picture. I just bought my first pair of maternity pants on Saturday. I guess our little snowflake (that is what Matt calls it) is growing and so am I!

Church Christmas Party!

On Saturday night we went to the Christmas Party at our church. Matt and I have come to love our church family. The night started out with dinners of 8 (groups of us ate dinner at different houses) and then we all met up at one house for dessert and a white-elephant exchange. What fun the night was! Love you Heritage family!

Nikki & Sean...............and.........Mark & Patti Saeger

The Lovealls................and.............Aaron & Michelle

Hope and Lindsay.......and....The seminary boys being silly

Being Resourceful!

My mom started highlighting my hair in High School. Then when I went to college I tried it on my own and it always looked good. Well, now that we are in Seminary I am not making my monthly trips to get my hair done, I am doing it myself. It is not easy and my arms are usually tired by the end of it but I am always happy with how it looks.

Hey girls out there, if you want your hair highlighted give me a call. Maybe I should start a business! :)

Covenant Seminary Christmas Banquet

On Friday night Matt and I went to the Covenant Seminary Christmas Banquet. It was a fun time to hang out with friends and get dressed up. It was at the Marriott hotel and dinner was served, there was funny entertainment from Student Council, and dancing (can you believe they had dancing at a PCA function? Crazy I know) :)

Carin, Me and April

Dan & April Barber

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The First SNOW of the year!

About an hour before I left for work on Thursday I looked out the window began freaking was SNOWING! Everyone at work was laughing at me b/c I was making such a big deal (I am not used to this snow thing). I had to grab my camera and take a couple pictures before it melted. It snowed off and on that night but it all melted the next day. It was beautiful while it lasted (even though at times I forgot it was snow and I thought it was sand- that is what happens when you grow up in South Florida!)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Matt and I decided not to put a tree up this year (1. we could not afford it and 2. After Thanksgiving we are going home in 3 weeks and it would just sit in our house and die). Anyway, I have been enjoying the beautiful tree at work and the other decorations there and in our home!

Look how cute our fireplace looks!
Even our dining room table is decorated for the Christmas season!