Thursday, November 29, 2007

Visiting Friends in Knoxville

After spending time with Matt's family we drove to Knoxville to spend time with some dear friends of ours. We were able to see Andy and Hannah (our old youth pastor from High School and my discipleship leader) and Bobby and Priscilla (our care-takers in college who fed us every weekend and let us do our laundry at their house). It was SO good to be back with all of them. It was like we just picked up where we left off. Their kids have gotten so big. Bobby & Priscilla's son was 4 months when I started babysitting him and he is 8 now. I was having so much fun I did not want to leave the next day!

Emma and Me. She has been my buddy since she was born! Love you Emma!

Anders, the youngest Deets. He is so cute and I loved getting to know him! Emma and Paul (cousins). I loved hanging out with all 6 kids.

Thanksgiving Weekend!

For Thanksgiving this year Matt and I traveled to Tennessee to spend time with his family. It was a good time up in the mountains. We went hiking, drove through Cades Cove and ate a lot of turkey! We enjoyed our time with all of them!

Here are some pictures from our weekend:

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is how we told our parents...

Matt and I wanted to tell our parents in a creative way that we were having a baby! Since we don't live by any of them we wanted it to be fun. What was really exciting though was that we got to tell some of them in person. My Mom and Tom came to visit us on Matt's Fall Break and we had this sitting on the table when they walked in the house for the first time. It took my mom a minute to catch on (go figure) but she eventually did. They were shocked.

Then we drove to Tennessee to spend Thanksgiving with Matt's family and this is how we surprised them. We gave them each something and had them open it. Matt's mom got the Grandmother Willowtree (that is the figure), Stacy got the Aunt T-shirt and Frank got the book. They loved it.

Sadly we were unable to tell my Dad in person so we mailed him a book and an ultra sound picture and then called him on Thanksgiving! He was very excited about the news!!! We were so fortunate to share this special time with our family and friends in St. Louis. We have passed the word on to our other family and friends by phone, emails or the blog! Thanks for sharing in our joy of Baby Loveall!

Monday, November 26, 2007

We're Having a BABY!!!

Well the news is out! We are having a baby! After almost two years of trying we are pregnant. I am almost 12 weeks along (almost out of the first trimester) and we are due June 12th. I am feeling great (other than being really tired) and SO excited! We have been trying to saver this moment...check out some pictures!

If you look close it really says PREGNANT!

I am SO happy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

It is becoming a weekend ritual...

Raking leaves!!!! Matt and i spend at least an hour each weekend raking leaves...we sware they will never end. Here are some pictures of what we do each weekend and of our beautiful yard! Even though raking can be a pain, it gets us outside to enjoy the beautiful weather (it was like 65 degrees on Saturday) and it is good exercise, right? That is what i keep telling myself anyway!

Isn't he cute!

That grass is looking good! I am getting exercise, right?
WOW! Look at that grass! It looks so much better than our neighbors (not that i am comparing it or anything)!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Adelphe Thanksgiving Dinner

Most of you know that on every other Thursday night a group of working Seminary wives meets at my house to hang out, eat and talk about our future as Pastor's wives. This group of women has really come to love each other. We named the group Adelphe Fellowship (Adelphe means Sisters in Greek). Anyway, last night all the girls came over for a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone brought something yummy! We had a great time eating, and enjoying fellowship with one another. Some of the girls did not leave until 12:30 last night. We had a great time! Love you girls!

Megan, Tracey and Nikki
Hope, April and Emily
Lindsay April (again) and Becky

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Women's Conference!

This weekend I was part of the committee at church that hosted Tara Barthel (a mother, author and amazing speaker). She came to do a conference based on her book, Peace Making Woman. Let me just say it was probably the best woman's conference I have ever been too. Tara was so down to earth and was full of wisdom. I enjoyed the long day but was ready for bed when it was all said and done!

Here is a picture of some of the girls hanging out with Tara at the end of the day!
Left Back: Lyra, Sandie, Tara, Nikki, Laying down: Me and Hope

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fall Fest!

We had a Fall Festival at our church on Wednesday evening. I was on the planning committee so let's just say I somehow ended up in charge. It was a fun night though. We had face painting, a bon-fire with S'mores, Pinatas, a cake walk, lots of candy and dinner was served. It was a fun night and the costumes were great! Check them out!

He's my cowboy and I am his cowgirl!

Pastor Sean and Nikki; they were from another world, I mean generation. (Sean kind of looks like my dad did in the 60's).

Little Ellie Lloyd dressed up as the girl from Toy Story. She was so cute and wore that wig most of the night!
Shealey dressed as a 50's girl and something painted on her face!
And my favorite, Shea the Dinosaur!

Fall Break!

Last weekend Matt had a few days off school and I took some time off of work and my parents came to visit from Naples, FL. We had a great time together. It was a nice visit; relaxing and fun. We went to the St. Louis Science Center and saw the body exhibit, we took them to the Botanical Gardens (which they loved) and we ate some really yummy food (as always)! Here are some pictures from our day out at the Botanical Gardens!
My Mom and I by the Japanese Garden

I love mums!

My Mom and Tom at the vegetable garden!