Saturday, November 17, 2007

Adelphe Thanksgiving Dinner

Most of you know that on every other Thursday night a group of working Seminary wives meets at my house to hang out, eat and talk about our future as Pastor's wives. This group of women has really come to love each other. We named the group Adelphe Fellowship (Adelphe means Sisters in Greek). Anyway, last night all the girls came over for a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone brought something yummy! We had a great time eating, and enjoying fellowship with one another. Some of the girls did not leave until 12:30 last night. We had a great time! Love you girls!

Megan, Tracey and Nikki
Hope, April and Emily
Lindsay April (again) and Becky

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Becky said...

Yippy look at me! I am on the Loveall's blog. Look out world here I come.

Later Taters!