Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday my love!

Today Matt is 26 years old!!! I am so thankful he was born on this day 26 years ago! What an amazing man he is! I love you honey and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Matt's Dad and Matt (as a boy, probably 20 years ago)

Apple Picking...

Last year Matt and I missed the season to go Apple Picking. So this year we were sure not do to that. Yesterday we headed with some friends over to Illinois (only 30 minutes) to go apple picking. We went to Eckert's Fun Farm. This farm has all sorts of fun things to do: kiddie rides, pig races, a giant pumpkin launcher, a corn maze, funnel cakes, and best of all fields and fields of apple trees. We spent about 3 hours having fun and picking apples. We left the farm with 20 pounds of apples. We had a great time!!!

Outside the farm and the great view from the farm!!!

Shalea and Joseph smile for the do Emily and Hope on the tractor!!!

Picking or eating???

Picking then eating!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chicago Weekend!

This past weekend Matt and I traveled (on the Mega bus) to Chicago to meet my Mom and Tom. We had such a fun weekend!!! We were able to experience so much of the city. Enjoy some pictures from our awesome weekend! Thanks for everything Mom and Tom!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Balloon Glow

On Friday night I went with Lyra and the boys, Mandy (Lyra's friend from North Carolina) and the Sawyers (our Pastor and his family) to the yearly Balloon Glow. This is a two day hot air balloon event that a lot of St. Louis comes out to enjoy. On the first night they blow up all of the balloons and they have food and music. On the second day they have a race between all the hot air balloons (there had to have been about 30 all lit up, it was cool). We just went to the Friday evening glow and it was a lot of fun.
We had fun...Nikki, Mandy, Me and Lyra! Love you girls!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Birthday Weekend in FLORIDA!

My mom and Tom flew me and Matt home for my birthday over Labor Day weekend. It was so nice to see everyone. We had a party at my sister's house on Saturday night, got to see a sunset and ate all our favorite homemade meals (cooked by family). We were sad to leave but had a GREAT time!





Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Birthday Celebration at Work!

Thanks to all the people at work who planned the birthday celebreation for me. It was so much fun! Thank you Carin for making my day extra special! You are awesome!

Congrats Megan & Garen!

I just found out last night that my best friend from college, Megan is getting married! She called me last night around 8:30 to tell me the good news. I am so happy for them both! I always told Megan that anyone would be lucky to marry her...and she found the right one! After she called me last night I had this happy feeling inside me because someone I love and care about is getting married and that makes me happy! I love you Meggie and I can not wait to meet Garen!
The happy couple!