Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fall Fest!

We had a Fall Festival at our church on Wednesday evening. I was on the planning committee so let's just say I somehow ended up in charge. It was a fun night though. We had face painting, a bon-fire with S'mores, Pinatas, a cake walk, lots of candy and dinner was served. It was a fun night and the costumes were great! Check them out!

He's my cowboy and I am his cowgirl!

Pastor Sean and Nikki; they were from another world, I mean generation. (Sean kind of looks like my dad did in the 60's).

Little Ellie Lloyd dressed up as the girl from Toy Story. She was so cute and wore that wig most of the night!
Shealey dressed as a 50's girl and something painted on her face!
And my favorite, Shea the Dinosaur!

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The Lloyds Five said...

Those pictures are sooo cute!! Especially the one with the red wig! What a sweetie! You can tell I am not puffed up!