Monday, December 17, 2007

I love these boys!

Some of our dear friends here at Covenant have become like family to us. We love the Lee family! We eat together at least once a week and the husbands are always studying together. Sometimes during my lunch time I go over to their apartment and eat! They are great! We ate dinner at the Lee's on Friday night to celebrate Jared's birthday. After dinner Lyra got the kids ready for bed and Shea (their youngest son) ran out the bathroom saying, "Sit with Emmie, sit with Emmie." He plopped down right beside me naked as a jay bird. Lyra hurried and grabbed the camera and this is what came of it! These boys are adorable! I love them!

They are ADORABLE!
Emmie, Gage and Shea

We are being silly!


Lyra said...

Awwww! We love our Emmie and Matt! We are so thankful for you guys! It is such a comfort to have someone who feels like family here. Love you! Oh, and by the way, everyone.....Emily cooks some awesome penne vodka! And, she even knows how to make caeser dressing from scratch!

april said...

Glad you had such a fun can come cook at my place anytime!