Tuesday, May 25, 2010

St. Louis, Photos with Friends!

After the ceremony we had to take some photos with our great friends that celebrated with us! Yes, we wanted Matt to be able to 'walk' at graduation and yes, we wanted to be a part of the festivities, but we really wanted to go back to St. Louis to see our friends that were our family over the past 3.5 years. We just love them and miss them all already!!!

The two graduates, Conner & Matt

The handsome graduate and his very pregnant wife!

My sweet friends, Krystal & Conner

These are my girls. The girls that I spent most of my time with, the girls that I just love, the girls I was SO happy to see!
April, Me, Hope & Conner (there are a few of my other buddies missing)

This is such a classic Wes & Matt photo...I had to include it. The two of these guys are usually doing something goofy together! I love it! :)

Matt and one of his best buds, Wes

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