Thursday, June 2, 2011

Andrew's 3rd Birthday Celebration...

We had a great 3rd Birthday celebration Curious George style! The food was yummy, the company was wonderful (mainly just our family) and the birthday boy had a blast!

Andrew & Molly wore their Curious George gear to church (the morning before the party). Oh and I made the dress Molly is wearing!

Birthday banner (made by me)!

Daddy & Molly before the party...

Birthday treats...

The Birthday boy in his new chair (courtesy of Nene & Papa)!

Cupcake time!

...and a picture with the birthday boy at the end of the night! We know how to have fun & be silly. And if you can see behind me I found these new markers called, Window Markers (where you can color on any glass surface). Andrew (and Matt & I) loves them & they are easy to clean off.

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