Friday, June 24, 2011

Andrew's stats

Well I am behind on blogging (so what else is new), but I wanted to fill you all in on Andrew's stats. We took him to the Dr. for this 3 year check up.

Weight: 36 pounds- 90%
Height: 43 inches- 97%

Surprise he is still big! :) According to the doctor he is right on track! She gave him an A++

Facts about Andrew:
-He can swim all by himself (across the pool)
-LOVES Firefighters, Police & Ambulance drivers
-Can count to 13ish
-Knows all his colors
-Knows all the words to these songs: Jesus Loves Me, BINGO, the Doxology, Twinkle, Zaccheus, This Little Light of Mine, My God is So Big, ect. I could go on!
-Still naps (for 2-3 hours)
-Loves Curious George & Little Critter books
-Favorite movie is Toy Story
-Loves fishing, playing outside, play-dough, coloring & pretending he is going camping!
-His buddies are Austen, Ezra, Grace, Caroline, Ian, Hudson & Marcus
-His favorite foods are chicken, broccoli, spaghetti, pizza, carrots & ranch, Golden Grahams cereal, peas, & mint-chip icecream
-He loves spending time with Mommy, Daddy & Molly and his other family (especially all the cousins & grandparents)!

Well, I could go on all day about my sweet 3 year old, but I will just leave you with these adorable pictures!

Andrew with his swim teach, Ms. Kimmie! We love her and are so thankful her-she taught Andrew to swim!!!

Matt and I check the kids each night before bed and this was how we found Andrew sleeping the other night...

This is a common occurrence in our house, Andrew in his fire-fighter gear (pants or not)! :) The vacuum piece is his fire hose!

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Anonymous said...

Clayton loves the Doxology too! He calls it the prayer song, and asks me to sing it almost every night :-)