Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Easter Weekend!

On Thursday evening we went to a Passover Dinner. A family from Seminary (the Barbers) have been hosting this dinner for the past nine years (in their home town of Georgia). We were excited to have been invited. We spent the evening in worship, eating and drinking and living out the biblical story of the Passover. It was an amazing night! What a way to start out the Easter weekend!

Look, we even sat on pillows on the floor!

Derek led us in worship, it was awesome!

Then on Saturday afternoon we had some of our friends (and their children) over for an Easter Egg Hunt. We had about 12 kids running around our backyard looking for candy-filled eggs. Matt spent 2 hours hiding about 200 eggs. It was so fun watching the little kids run around and find eggs. We had fun!

Sunday we went to Church (Matt got up to go to the sunrise service, I didn't). We went to a brunch before church and the enjoyed the Easter Service at our new church, Heritage Presbyterian. After church we went to Sean & Nikki's house (they are the new pastor and pastor's wife at our church). We had a blast hanging out, eating and enjoying the fellowship. Even though we were away from our family it did not feel like it. We have made a little family here in St. Louis. Nikki even made all the ladies Easter baskets. Thanks Nikki!

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Nikki said...

You're welcome! Best Easter Ever!