Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating food...well sort of...

Right around Christmas time I started feeding Molly food (she was 5 months). Then I stopped for awhile because she did not seem interested. Now I am back to it. She is a totally different eater than Andrew was. What ever you put in Andrew's mouth he would eat it (he is still pretty much like that today). Molly is another story. The only thing I can get this kid to eat is bananas and apple sauce. Oh, and her food HAS to be heated up or she won't eat it. And she still wants to nurse all the time too. The other night when I was feeding her I said aloud, "Molly, a girl can not live on breast milk & bananas alone!"

Enjoy these pics of her first food!
Trying it...
Spitting it out (she does a lot of spitting out)
This is her, "I am a cute baby" face
Even though she did not eat much, she still finished with a smile!

As you can see from the pics, Molly is definitely not lacking food...she has enough chub to get herself through these winter months! He, He, He!

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