Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mother's Day...

I had the best Mother's Day! I am so thankful to be a mommy! I can not imagine my life with out my two beautiful babies! I did not get breakfast in bed (that does not happen when you are the wife of a pastor), I did not have anyone take care of me Sunday morning, but I was so fortunate to take care of the two blessings that make me a Mom! Matt left me beautiful flowers, a gift and some pictures colored by my children. Later that day we had a nice lunch (at Tijuana Flats- one of my favorite Mexican restaurants) and then a fun dinner at my Mom's where the husbands served us!

Overall it was a fantastic Mother's Day...but as it ended, what didn't matter is that I did not get breakfast in bed, it didn't matter if I got a gift or not, it didn't matter if I had to change 4 poopy diapers, none of that mattered. What mattered was that I have two beautiful children, who teach me things every day, who make me laugh, who make me cry, but who love me more than I deserve!

I love my sweet Andrew and my happy Molly. I love being a Mom!

I tried to get a picture of me and my children, so I set up my camera and ran into the picture. Here is the first one... is the second...

...pretty funny!

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