Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby update (34 1/2 weeks)

Not much to report from my doctor visit yesterday. Baby girl is very low, so that is good. I am having a lot of braxton hicks (every night sometimes off and on for 3-4 hours). I have an ultra sound next week so I will have more to report then. I will also start drinking the famous tea (Raspberry Leaf Tea) next week too! Until then, enjoy these comparison pictures I posted. I am 34 weeks with Baby Girl and 35 weeks with Andrew. What do you all think?

Baby girl 34 weeks AND 35 weeks with Andrew

Baby girl 34 weeks, AND 35 weeks with Andrew

Baby girl, 34 weeks, AND 35 weeks with Andrew

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Lyra said...

Wow, Em! I can tell a big difference in the last pic. No doubt, there's a girl in there. All out front with Andrew, and spread more across with this little girlie. Bryn did the same thing to me. It was a distinct difference. Ahhh....the raspberry leaf tea! My friend, Andrea, who first introduced me to that tea is coming to see me tomorrow. I hope the tea pushes things along for you. Either way, it will help you with delivery. Glad to hear you're having BH's. Those are helping you, too! So excited! Love you all.