Monday, November 17, 2008

What is going on at the Loveall's?

Matt took Andrew out to get the mail with him on Saturday- it was in the 30's. We bundeled Andrew up for the short trip outside and he loved it- he loves being outside. Just from being out side for about two minutes he got really bad wind-burn on his cheeks and nose.

Andrew still loves his bath-time. He gets a lot of baths (not because he is a dirty baby, but because he loves them).

Andrew wants to show you how big he is getting. He is getting his two bottom teeth. I bet they will be in by Christmas and he can almost sit up on his own- he is so close.

Daddy and Andrew love to play together. Matt loves it when he can get Andrew laughing really hard- it really is the cutest thing!

Andrew and I love playing together too and we do that a lot while Daddy is at work and school. We just don't have as many pictures together because I am always the photographer.

Next to playing with Mommy & Daddy, Andrew LOVES eating his toes.

This is pretty much life in the Loveall house- taking care of our boy. We love having him around and we have forgotten what life was like without him.

We hope you all have a great week!

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