Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grace comes to visit

My cousin Grace came to town last week. Her Mommy and Daddy came too. We had so much fun playing together. I am bigger than her now (even though she is 3 months older than me) so she did not hit me in the face this time. We went and too the Budweiser tour- Mom and Dad loved the free beer and we went to the park. Grace got to go in the swing because she can sit up. Maybe next time I will be able to do that. We hung out around the house too. I shared my high-chair with Grace and we are our meals together. That was fun. Overall I loved the visit. I have so much fun with my cousin, Grace. I can not wait to see her again at Christmas.
Thanks for coming to my house Christianson Family. I love you and see you soon!

WOW! By the end of the visit Grace and I were exhausted.


Miranda Karl Christianson said...

Dear Andrew,
I had lots of fun at your house. I really liked your toys, thanks for letting me use them. I can't wait to see you in December. Think of all the things we'll be able to do!!! I love you ~ Grace

The Lloyds Five said...

It is so true, my kids and their cousins really truly adore each other, what a great bond Andrew and Grace are going have. Very cute!