Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sweet Caroline...

I made another visit to see my second niece today- I just can not get enough of those girls! Mom and Caroline seemed to be doing well, yet both very tired! Here are some pictures of Caroline, Mom, Dad and Grandma Lamb (Stephanie's Mom).

Caroline all cleaned up and stretching!

The Happy Harrison Family! Stephanie, Carolyn (Grandma), and Caroline
The proud Auntie Em!
Mommy & Baby!


Lyra said...

So precious, Emily! I miss you! Our men are going to eat at guess where?! Chick-Fil-A of course! Looking forward to catching up with you soon! Love ya!

Carin & Michael Schindler said...

I bet this trip is really getting you excited for when your little man comes in 3 months....Caroline is so CUTE!

Nikki said...

Precious! I can't wait to hold your baby boy! Miss you!