Sunday, March 9, 2008

More pictures from my FL visit...

I had a great time with my new nieces in FL. I spent most of my time with my sister, Miranda and her new baby Grace. Because my sister-in-law had just had her baby I only made a couple of stops by to see Caroline.

I was able to help my sister out a lot. I made her 14 freezer meals and helped her out around her house. I was exhausted (and sick) when i go home but it was all worth it. I fell in love with my niece and did not want to leave. I will be back in a month to see everyone again!

Look Grace is trying to give her Auntie Em a kiss! has been a rough day!
Mommy, Grace and me
Look at those sweet lips- I love them!
My sweet Grace. I miss her already!


Rebecca said...

I'm feeling so old seeing Miranda with a baby and you pregnant! I think your love for your sister & nieces is very evident. Can you imagine the love you'll have for your own baby?! I know when I had Rachel, I had a whole new perspective on my mother's love for me. I finally knew how much she loved me. You'll understand very soon. I love you & am so thrilled to see all God is doing in your life.

Alicia Bradley said...

Man, your family has some good looking kids! Can't wait to see your little man in few months.