Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is that smell??????

For about three weeks now Matt and I have had this horrible smell in our basement walls over by the washer and dryer. Matt swore the smell was in the dryer tube. After much time of searching we gave up. We were told by a friend that if the smell was a dead animal and if it was in the walls, the smell would eventually go away. 

Matt has this habit of taking his work clothes off in the basement before tracking the dirt into the house- I am glad of this habit, BUT sometimes his clothes don't get washed right away. Well, after I made a pile of the dirty clothes he finally picked up the shorts to throw them in the washer machine. As he picked them out a furry animal dropped out of them!!! It was a dead chipmunk in HIS shorts! 

He immediately threw it out in the back yard and washed the shorts. The shorts have been washed several times and the smell is still there. I told him to throw them out. I got a call at work to hear all about the dead animal in the shorts- GROSS! I am glad the smell finally is gone! Who would have thought the smell was wrapped up in his shorts???


Lyra said...

Jared told me this story today and I immediately thought that you HAD to blog about it! CRAZY! Oh, and by the way...love the new layout on your blog.

Shealy Size said...

YUCK! That is so foul! Tell Matt he better throw those shorts away no matter what - if he's worried about I'll buy him a new pair - but it is unacceptable to keep shorts that contain dead chipmunk funk.

Alicia Bradley said...

What a hilarious story! When Greg and I lived in Webster Groves, we had some thing die under our deck (unreachable)and right next to the basement wall. You could barely smell it outside but it stunk up the whole basement.

We left the house with my brother while we went on vacation and forgot to tell him about the dead thing smell. When we returned, he told us that he didn't know what the smell was, so he spent a whole day cleaning all of my floors and walls with disinfectent. He said he cleaned them all twice. Oops!

I love dead thing stories! :) Alicia

tebbano family said...

Emily, that is really gross and really funny. Thanks for sharing!

Ben and Anna said...

So Ben wants to know....was the chipmunk rooting around for some nuts?! We have been laughing hysterically about this for the last 5 min. Thanks for the fun!

Horsey Mama said...

Oh hun, that is too funny! Wow!

FWIW, if y'all still have the shorts (which I doubt) soak them in vinegar and baking soda, or odo ban (you can get it at Sam's Club...it's an uber deodorizer and disinfectant...it'll kill everything, even the strains of staph bacteria). That'd be about his best bet on getting that smell out.

Ewww. And having to smell it while pregnant too. *gag* Sorry you had to smell it for 3 weeks, glad you found the source though!

- Genna