Friday, January 11, 2008

The Baby Bedding we Chose!

Well after much deliberation Matt and I decided on the bedding for our baby boy! One of the main reasons we decided on this was bedding (other than how cute it is), is because we found it on Craig's list (if you don't know about Craig's list check it out, for a third of the price. So below is the bedding we got- minus the boy will NOT have sunflowers in his room!

The whole bedding set!

The mobile
Two huge baskets


Ben and Anna said...

How cute--that is perfect for a little boy and you can do so much with the colors! Way to go finding it on craigslist! We've got to catch up soon....

The Cain Family said...

This was my FAVORITE!!!!!! They didn't have this until AFTER we chose ours and had paint on the wall! It's beautiful!