Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A weekend full of yard work...

Matt and I were so proud of ourselves this past weekend. At about 11:00 am, sun was shining and it was about 65 degrees out side,and we decided to go out and tackle some yard work. We knew we needed to start with our back yard by just raking leaves. You see, the whole time this house was on the market the leaves were NEVER raked and we have about 15 trees in our backyard. What a project...we had no idea. By 6:00 pm when it was all said and done we had raked about 42 bags of leaves. Needless to say our muscles were sore and we were exhausted. We are happy about the job well done, and now we can get down to the real landscaping!

Here is our yard to start...1/4 of an acre.

Here is Matt working hard (even though I bagged more leaves then him).

Here is the final product of a day of yard work, 42 BAGS OF LEAVES!

A job well done! No more least for now!


Conner said...

I am so impressed!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our world! Stacy will be there today to check it out!
Love you both

Jason said...

Matt, Where did you find time to do this; aren't you in seminary?