Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Girls Visit!

My mom and two sisters came to visit a couple weekends ago and we all had a great time! They flew in from Florida on a Wednesday and stayed until Monday morning. I took some time off of work to spend with them. We stayed busy (even though we could not get out of the house before 2:00, due to the fact 4 girls had to get ready). We went to the Zoo, we took the Budweiser Tour, went to Baileys Chocolate Bar, saw the arch, went shopping and ate at some really yummy restaurants (thanks to Mom)! I think they all enjoyed their visit, but decided next time they would come in the Spring! (I think it was a little cold for them)
Thanks for coming to visit, Mom, Miranda and Liza. I love you!

Liza and I enjoyed our time at the Chocolate Bar to say the least!

I was so excited to see my sister Miranda! Can you tell?

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Stacia said...

Emily, you look like your mom in the picture with Miranda!