Friday, August 12, 2011

Molly's Birthday Day, Part 1

On Molly's birthday Matt took off. It was a fun day with our regular visit to the library (for Andrew's class & Molly's class). Then we went to lunch, at Chickfila of course and then dinner at my moms (those pics coming later).

I LOVE going into my kids rooms on the morning of their birthday...I wake them up can see Molly smiling through her crib!

Such a happy girl in the morning!

Smilies with her Daddy!

Waiting for Molly's library time to start!

Reading books...

...singing songs...

...singing, Happy Birthday to Molly!

Molly LOVES her library time!

I could not leave out this adorable picture of my mom (nene) and baby Kevin...he and Molly are in the same library class! So fun!

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