Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's been going on around here...

I am behind on blogging (as usual). Here are some pics of the past couple months...I will let the pics tell the story...

Happy St. Patrick Day (only 2 moths later)!

Molly & Andrew were both sick a couple of weeks ago. First Molly got it, then Andrew. It was a 72 hour fever & then they were better. Look at how pitiful Molly looked.

We had to lower Molly's crib because she has started pulling up on her knees. She has not stood up completely but it is not far off from when she does.

Andrew and his cousin, Kevin Jr. I love this picture! :)

We have been swiming a lot. All three of them are ready for the pool...well except for Molly (look how Matt put her bathing suit on)! It cracked me up!

Matt (and Andrew) shaving before work. Like father, like son!

Mother's Day pics coming soon!

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