Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Molly update (6 months)

I took Molly to the doctor last week for her 6 month check up, here are her stats:
Weight: 22.10 pounds (97%)
Length: 27 inches (90%)
When Molly's pediatrician saw her she says, "Is that my little pork chop?!" She just loves all of Molly's chub because she knows she is a breast fed baby! :) Molly got an A+ from the doctor.

All about Molly, 6 months:
-can sit up
-can say Bow-Wow and Mama!
-LOVES peaches- real peaches
-would rather eat real food than baby food
-has her two bottom teeth
-can wave (sort of)
-can clap
-loves when you sing to her
-is easily scared (loud noises)

I wanted to post these pictures so you all can see how big Molly really is...

Look at those thighs...

...look at that belly...

...look at that adorable, happy baby! :)


Carrie said...

I'm in love with her! Sooo cute Em!

Carin and Michael Schindler said...

She couldn't be any cuter... and so smart!!! I hate that I am missing her and Andrew growing up. Thanks for keeping me updated though. Give Molly a big smooch from me.