Friday, December 17, 2010

Catching up...

We my computer is still down, but I decided to load some pics on to Matt's are some photos of the kids over the past 2 months...

Let's start with Molly! She had a doctor appointment last week and here are her stats:
19.12 lbs (off the charts)
27 inches long (97%)
She is still a great sleeper, sleeps 10-12 hrs a night. She still nurses a lot, but I am not ready to do the food thing; she is content with my milk. She LOVES her big brother. In fact today he was playing by her and she started laughing at him. She is the happiest baby and brings me so much JOY!

I was changing Molly this night and Matt could not get over her chunks, so we had to get them on camera and of course Andrew had to join in. I think this pictures really shows how much they look alike though!

Enjoying OREO's together!

Dunking and eating...

Andrew still enjoys holding his sister!

Molly on her 1st Thanksgiving!

Matt and Andrew getting the turkey ready to go in the oven.

Molly rolled over for the first and only time...funny story- the doctor asked me if she had rolled over yet and I told her only once, and the doctor looked at her and said, "Well it is hard for that girl to roll over all that weight!" LOL, we just laughed about it!

Andrew is now completely potty trained (except for at night). He was amazing. We decided to try during thanksgiving week (b/c Matt had some time off) and Andrew did it like a champ. He had a total of 5 accidents the week we did it and not many more from there on...

Sweet baby girl!

Matt's Aunt, Uncle & Cousin came to town in early November. They loved playing with Andrew and meeting sweet Molly!

Andrew was a firefighter for Halloween. We went trick-or-treating with Grace & Caroline. Andrew loved it!!!

And...I had to add these adorable pictures. Molly loves her Uncle Kyle and you can tell by these pics...

I hope you enjoyed my 2 month run through of pics. I will try to post more soon!


Lyra said...

This makes me miss you guys even more! Andrew is growing up so fast and wow, is he gorgeous or what?! And, Molly? Soooo stinking cute! Her rolls are just the best! And, I love the bows.Bryn's hair has grown out so much in the back she's got a mullet! Not sure what to do about it. I'm sure we'd get plenty of laughs out of that one if you were here. :) Love you guys so much! Kiss your babies for me and squeeze Molly's rolls. You know I would if I were there.

Nikki said...

Seriously Emily--what is in your milk?!? I love it though...I want to squeeze those rolls. Andrew is getting so big, and that blonde hair makes him look like a true Florida boy. We miss you guys!!!

Alicia said...

I love Andrew's curls! And Miss Molly is so flippin cute! (I was a "rolly" girl, too!)

Lots of kisses for the kiddos, Alicia