Monday, November 8, 2010

Andrew update...

I know a lot of my posts lately have been about Molly, well now is time for an Andrew update! What a sweet boy we have. He is definitely 2 and acts like he is 2, but he has such a fun personality and says the sweetest things. He is starting to express his feelings and starting to use his imagination. He pretends there are bears in the house and tells me about his pet frogs all the time. The other day we were getting out of the car to go out to eat with our family and he says, "Mama, Drew-Drew is getting very excited!"

Andrew LOVES anything to do with firefighters, loves swimming, fishing and being outside. He loves to play with his match-box cars, football and read books. His favorite show to watch on T.V. is Curious George & The Cat in the Hat. He loves to read his bible at bed time and his favorite songs are Jesus Loves Me & The Doxology (he calls it Blessings Flow). Andrew is still a great eater. His favorite food to eat is meat. Andrew LOVES meat- any kind; chicken, beef, steak, pork! He would eat oranges and cheesesticks all day too if we let him!

Andrew loves his baby sister. He loves to kiss her (on the lips) and love to give her his Elmo to hug. They are becoming little buddies!

Andrew is so sweet. I love it when he puts my cheeks in his hands and gives me big kisses. I love watching Andrew and Matt play. It is so fun! I love that he remembers stories from the bible. In fact today he told me, "Mama, I want to listen to you because Jesus said so."

Enjoy the pictures of my sweet Andrew James

Washing the car for Mama

So cute!

Pretending to be a firefighter

Using his fire hose...

Andrew at school wearing their school-made BAT costumes

Mama & Andrew at the pumpkin patch.

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