Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Matt's Ordination Ceremony

Ok, so I never caught up on my blogging last week- maybe it will happen this week. Here are some pictures from Matt's Ordination services from the end of September. It was a very nice ceremony at the church. I felt very proud as a wife!

Me and the kids before we left for church.

My sweet babes

I am very fortunate to have my family close. Most Sunday mornings my Mom & Tom come to the house before church to help me get the kids ready. I am so thankful for that!
Papa & Nene with 2 of their grandbabies!

Matt going through a set of questions to officially become ordained.

Laying hands on Matt and praying for him.

Hugs & handshakes for Reverend Matthew Loveall!

Our most recent family photo!

The Loveall Family (I love how happy we all look in this photo)!

3 1/2 years of seminary, many weeks of studying and my husband is now a Reverend! I am so proud of him!

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Connie and Chris said...

Congrats Matt!! PS I love your little family - your babies are adorable!