Sunday, August 15, 2010

Molly Update...

Molly is almost 3 weeks old and what a joy (pun intended) she is to our family! What a good baby she is too! She is growing and getting big. She LOVES to eat and she is nursing great! She sleeps 4-6 hours at a time during the night and eats pretty quickly and goes right back to sleep (most of the time that is). I still have not decided who she looks like. When she is sleeping I think she looks like Andrew but when her eyes are open I am not sure. She seems easy going but that could be because she has a big brother who demands a lot of my attention.

Andrew LOVES his baby sister. He loves to give her kisses and hugs and wants to hold her all the time. The other day he told me he was going to pick her up and carry her to her bed (um, I don't think so). Even though he loves his baby sister, there has still been a transition in our home. Each day we are working though that transition. I am not sure if it is because he has a new sister or if he is just 2, probably both!

I must say that I love being a mother of two beautiful children. The adjustment has been very difficult; mostly because Matt has not had much time off (he is in the middle of getting ordained) but I do love my job! My babies are so special to me. As I look as my sleeping daughter next to me, I know I am blessed!

Photos taken by Cathy Hardy Pisano Photography
My sweet girl sleeping!

My two beautiful babes!

Notice Molly's heart shaped birth mark. The pediatrician called it a port-wine stain birth mark. We love it!

I have way more pictures to post but blogger is taking so long to load them- something is not right. I will try to post more later!

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Carin and Michael Schindler said...

She is just so beautiful. Praying for you in this transition time. I wish I was there to come over and lend a hand. I have a package coming your way soon - love you girlie.