Thursday, July 1, 2010

A day away...

Here are pictures from our one day vacation, in town! I mentioned a few post back that Miranda & Kyle won a 2 rooms at a local hotel. Well, they just so happened to share one of those rooms with us! We had a great time! We enjoyed the fabulous pool, went out to eat at a fabulous restaurant, and had some fabulous time away- just us adults! Here is an overview of our mini vacation (that is what we called it)!

Matt & I getting ready to enjoy the pool

Miranda & Kyle enjoying the pool

Kyle taking a swim

Matt jumping in!

The four of us getting ready to go eat!

Matt & I outside USS Nemo (the wonderful seafood restaurant we ate at)!

Miranda & Kyle at the Pier

Us, at the pier...we went for a walk on the Pier after dinner. I was so full and felt so pregnant that I just felt miserable!

At breakfast the next morning...look how happy I am to eat! :)

The four of us enjoying breakfast before we have to go get our kiddos!

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