Wednesday, July 21, 2010

36 week update & we are READY!!!

Well, no new big news after my doctor appointment yesterday. I had an ultra sound and baby girl is measureing in the 90 percentile at 8 pounds. The tech called her a porker, and it is hard to disagree with a baby that big already. My doctor checked me too and said that I am still very much dilated and her head is very low. The doctor said, SHE IS RIGHT THERE. So when my body eventually goes into labor, my hope is that she comes fast! :) Until then I am walking, squatting, chasing my 2 year old around and try to be as active as I can.

36 weeks pregnant with an 8 pound baby...

This is my "I can not wait to have my baby" face!

Look how ready we are around our house too. I have had my bag packed for about 2 weeks now. Oh and check out that adoable diaper bag! :)

The pack-n-play is set up in the living room (waiting for a baby)

Her crib is set up in her room now (Andrew made a very smooth transition into his big boy bed, pretty much on his own).

And the swing sit empty for another day! :)

We will keep you updated about baby girl's arrival!


Christine said...

Emily-I LOVE seeing all the ways around the house that you guys are ready! And it's beautiful to see you so pregnant. Don't worry-we're all praying and God will grace you with a perfect delivery. Can't wait to meet her!

Nikki said...

I am so giddy for you! Any day now--keep us posted!