Monday, June 14, 2010

Our talking boy...

Some cute things Andrew has said to me lately...

Andrew: Mama, Drew-Drew hungry...
Me: Oh yea, what would you like...
Andrew: Nana (banana) with no boo-boos

I was getting the baby's room organized the other day and getting all of Andrew's old baby toys out. This is what happened:
Andrew: Andrew's toys...
Me: Well when your sister comes they will be her toys...
Andrew: Andrew share nice with baby
Me: That is nice
Then Andrew comes over to me and says, Here belly, toy (he was trying to share the toys with his sister already). Such a sweet boy!

Me: Andrew it is almost nite-nite time
Andrew: No nite-nite time!
Me: Yes sir
Andrew: Mama nite-nite?
Me: You bet!
Andrew: You bet, Mama!

Me: Andrew, what should we have for dinner tonight (like a 2 year old is actually going to tell me)?
Andrew: Um, cake!
Me: Did you just say cake?
Andrew: Yes, Cake!

I am sure I will have more and more of these conversations now that Andrew is talking up a storm. Matt and I laugh about what he says daily!

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