Monday, March 8, 2010

Andrew 22 month Update!

We took Andrew to the doctor last week (to secure us a Pediatrician and to get him checked out). We are seeing a male doctor this time and Andrew loved him. After a few minutes with him he really warmed up to him (his personality is a lot like Matt's).
We will get more detailed information from our 2 year appointment in just two months, but here are a few stats:
Weight- 29.5 pounds
Height- 35.5 inches tall

Andrew is really talking well now. He puts two-three words together at a time, making sentences. I think a lot of what he says only I can understand but at least he is talking, right?
New words:
Uncle Mom- Uncle Tom
Uncle Dado- Uncle Kyle
Coptor- Helicopter
Cycle- Motorcycle
Lolpop- Lollypop

Andrew loves to run around the house saying, Go, Go, Go. He can almost jump, he knows what every car, truck, airplane, motorcycle, and boat sounds like! He loves to pretend he is talking on the phone and if you ask him who he is talking to it is always Papa. He still takes great afternoon naps (2-4 hours), and he goes right to bed at 8:00 pm.

Andrew is a sweet little boy who gives the best hugs. He loves snuggling with his Mama, and playing outside with his Dada. He loves being surrounded by his family and he knows everyone by name now. He gets his share of time-outs and a spanking every now and then, but we love him and he is such a joy to us. Enjoy the pictures of our almost 2 year old!

Andrew singing & clapping

Cheesing it up, I mean how cute is he???

Andrew is really into his bible these days, it is really sweet. He and Matt read it together every night. Andrew's favorite story is Zacchaeus.

Snuggling with Dada

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Nikki Sawyers said...

How he's grown! And he looks so much like his daddy. He's going to make a precious big brother. Give him hugs from all the Sawyers! We love and miss you guys!