Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It is official...

Our house is sold. We closed on it today at 2:00...we are all moved out and into our apartment. Apartment life would be great if our dishwasher had not leaked over half of the dining room (we have giant fans in here blowing so loud i can barely think), if our home phone worked, if the bathtub had a stopper (so I could bathe my son), and if it was all unpacked and organized. It is a cosy little place and we will love it after everything is taken care of. Andrew loves his room (it looks pretty much the same as in the house, except it is not painted).

We are just so thankful our house sold. What a blessing! It was sad yesterday when we pulled up I said to Matt, this was the house we brought our son home too. It was a good little house to us and we will miss it.
On to bigger and better things though...

Bonita Springs, Florida here we come....(see next post on Matt's job).

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