Friday, April 17, 2009

Botanical Gardens

Andrew and I went on a Mommy-baby outing with our friends Conner & Lyra on Wednesday to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful! Not only was it free but everything was in bloom. Lyra said it perfectly, being there was therapeutic! I LOVED seeing all the different colors of tulips and just enjoyed being outside. It was a wonderful outing and we are already planning another visit next Wednesday!

Me and my sweet boy!

Love the tulips...

...just love them.

Look at everything in bloom!

Andrew checking things out.

I just can not get enough of this boy!

More tulips

Andrew & Gage (Gage is Lyra's oldest son).

I love him!

Andrew's sweet friend Ruby Jane (he and Ruby Jane are only 6 weeks apart).

I was in awe of all God has created during my walk through the gardens!

Andrew enjoying some time to crawl around in the grass, what a fun morning we had! What a blessing it is to stay home with my son!


Connie and Chris said...

What AWESOME pictures that you took! My favorite is the one of Andrew's face where he looks surprised and the tulips reflecting on the water! Looks like you had a great day at the Gardens!

The Cain Family said...

what a great place to take pictures!!! I LOVE the 6th picture of him! What a cute little guy that seems to have such an adorable personality! I love it!

Alicia Bradley said...

LOVE-IT-ALL, Lovealls!

Jane Cochran said...

Hi Emily and Andrew. It was great meeting you when we were in St. Louis and babysitting for Andrew and Ruby Jane was a 'dream' for me. They are both SO precious. Thanks for sharing your pics of God's amazing creation. I enjoy seeing all He has made.