Monday, October 27, 2008

A new toy...

Look Granny we got one!
On Saturday we went to Babies R Us and we used one of our gift cards to get Andrew an exersaucer. My mom has been telling me that Andrew needs one and well we broke down and got one. He loves his new saucer of toys.


april said... cute. He is like "a real baby" now with that kind of toy. Is your house going to be overtaken with kid toys now?

Tyler, Kara and Carson said...

Awesome! That is perfect to put in the bathroom to entertain him while you shower! Or you could set it in the living room while you mop the floors. I know it's not good to have a "babysitter" however a toy like this helps you to keep a clean home for baby, mommy and daddy!

You are such a good mom! I'd give anything to be close to hang out and let the boys play!