Friday, October 24, 2008

10 years ago TODAY...

Matt and I started dating 10 years ago today. Yes, we are the couple that dated in high school and got married and are still together today. I can remember the time Matt 'asked me out'. We were at my Dad's house, it was late, and we were sitting on the couch and we had just finished watching a movie (a really long and boring movie- A Walk in the Clouds I think). Anyway, he was getting ready to go and he leaned over and very nervous said something like, "So do you um want to um go out with me um." I was VERY excited (17 and thinking this was the best day of my life), I said "YES". It is history from there.

Here we are 10 years later, married with one child, living in our second house, both graduated from college, Matt getting his Masters, loving and living life!

Happy 10 year 'fake' anniversary, honey! I love you and look forward to many, many more years with you!

This is one of our engagement pictures, I did not have any pictures scanned in from our high school days!


Anonymous said...

Aw, Congrats guys! I cannot believe it's been 10 years already!! I remember the first time he came over for dinner, remember Miranda stuck her spoon in the candle and then licked it? HAHAHA! I can only hope that my marriage (someday) will be as beautiful as yours! Love you both!

Anonymous said...

Wow--seems like so long ago that you two kids got together!!! We have all come a long way!!