Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sprinkler Time

Last week I watched my friend's son so she and her husband could go on a date. Shea came over Friday morning. When Andrew woke up from his morning nap we all went outside and played in the sprinkler- well Shea played in it. We both played with bubbles and side-walk chalk though. It was fun play-date for all three of us.

Andrew & Shea

Look how big my boy is getting.


Nikki Sawyers said...

Emily, in the close-up of him smiling he looks JUST like you, Andrew has your smile!

John and Katie Flanagan said...

Hey, Emily! Love your blog. We are behind, but you can check ours out at www.jkflanagan.blogspot.com

We made it through seminary an had a blast-- I hope you are both enjoying it!

Lyra said...

These pictures are so sweet! I'm just now seeing all of your blog posts b/c I had trouble reading blogs at my parent's house. I can't wait to see you when you get back! Thanks for watching our boy. It looks like he had a great time with Emmie, as usual!