Monday, May 12, 2008

I MUST be nesting...

Over the past month or so people have asked me if I am nesting or not. Well, since this whole pregnancy thing is new to me (or since this is my first time around at this), I was sort of confused by the question- NESTING...what the heck are you talking about. When I stated thinking and realizing what all I had done around my house, I was convinced- I WAS DEFINITELY NESTING.

Here is the list of all that has been done within the last month:
-Cleaned out the oven (inside & out- by hand)
-Cleaned out the refrigerator
-Cleaned out our closets & drawers (in bedroom)
-Dusted House & fans (about every week this month)
-Decorated & Organized a baby nursery
-Wiped the blinds down (all of them)
-Cleaned the inside of the windows
-Washed and folded MANY loads of baby clothes, blankets, etc.
-Organized just about every closet in my house
-Disinfected doors, counters, bathrooms (about every week)
-Swept & Vacuumed (about every week)

I am either OCD or nesting (probably both though).
Now, if Matt would just let me get the carpets PROFESSIONALLY cleaned, I would be one REALLY happy camper.


Shealy Size said...

I'm not really sure the baby has anything to do with your hyperorganization and cleanliness. Haven't you always been like that? :)

The Lovealls said...

LOL, Kelly you are right! :)

Nikki said...

If you run out of things to do you are welcome to come on over and nest all you want over here.

Love you!