Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home SWEET Home!!!!

After a busy morning at the hospital, Matt and I (along with Granny- my mom) joyfully brought Andrew home. What a feeling of relief I had in the car on the way home. I sat in the back with Andrew and held his hand as we made the short journey home. We are SO happy to have our son home. As my older sister said it perfectly, "Now the fun begins...."

Andrew in his car-seat for the first time

Daddy, Andrew & Mommy getting ready to leave the Special Care Nursery

Putting Andrew in the car

Home sweet home- Andrew is waving bye until next time...


Lyra said...

We are so thrilled for you guys! I can't even imagine how nice it is to finally be home! We love all three of you and can't wait to make lots of memories together.

Anonymous said...

Yayyy! This makes me SO happy! I have been reading your blog alllll day, waiting waiting waiting. I am sooo happy Andrew is home with his wonderful parents. And Mandy's right, this is when the real fun begins! Get ready for no sleep, mom and dad :) He is just perfect I have fallen in love all over again <3
-Aunt Liza

Anonymous said...

YEAH GOOD JOB little Andrew!! Welcome to your home. Hope that you guys have a great 1st night. Em, I hate to tell ya but your kiddo looks like your hubby! Sorry. I can feel you pain though. My kid looks NOTHING like me. Liza made a good point, he sure is loveable!!
*Aunt Miranda*
PS-More pic's please!!

BKicklighter said...

Yea!! So glad you are home together. . and before Thursday just like you hoped. We can't wait to come meet the little man!

Rebecca said...

He is so adorable! I still can't look at the pictures without getting teary eyed. Emily with a baby?!!! Wow!!!! I still remember when you were..... WOW! So happy for you both. Love you all!

The Lloyds Five said...

Praise God! We are so glad you all are home safe and well! We will continue to pray for you! We are going out of town tomorrow, but would love to visit/bring a meal when I am not working, and we are all home again! Love and Prayers,
The Lloyds Five

Shealy Size said...

Yea for the Loveall Family! We are so excited that you are all home together and ready to enjoy being parents to that wonderful little guy! Noah says to tell Andrew "Hi!" and that as soon as he can, they will meet and Noah will teach him the ways of the world!

By the way...your baby is really cute! (Not in the "he's cute cause I have to say it but he looks like an alien" way, but in the "he REALLY IS cute" kind of way!

Kara Cain said...

Emily and Matt,
Words just can't say how happy we are that Andrew is doing good and the 3 of you are home! We will continue to keep ya'll in our prayers. Each day in itself is such a blessing and miracle to have a new little one around. Life takes on a whole new meaning! Love you guys dearly!

Tyler, Kara and Carson

tebbano family said...

I'm so glad Andrew is home where he belongs! Happy Anniversary, Matt & Emily!

april said...

So happy for you, Emily! Can't wait to hold him myself!

Anonymous said...

What a happy anniversary for you two! We are so happy that everything has turned out well for Andrew. I love the carseat pictures...he is such a sweet little peanut!!! I can't wait to kiss his cheeks!!!

Love you guys,
Stephanie, Tom & Caroline