Monday, May 26, 2008

Andrew James Loveall is Here!

Hello faithful blog readers.... This is Carin Schindler, guest blogging for Emily. The Internet connection is not the best in the hospital and she asked that I update you all on the miracle that occurred on Friday, May 23, 2008.

Emily true to form was baking cookies for our work (we work together) picnic the next day... later that night around 12:45 am she felt her water broke. Not really knowing if that was it, she waited a while for the contractions to start. They went to the hospital around 2:30 am and she was already 6cm dilated. It didn't take long and she was fully dilated at around 6:00 am. The doctor arrived and she began pushing. Dr. Mani said she was a wonderful pusher but Andrew wasn't making his way out. They decided they had to go in after him. And she had a C-section. Andrew was born three weeks early but he was 7 lbs 15oz. and 21 inches long at about 9:16 am. I can't even imagine if he would have made it to full term.

Here are some pictures (taken by Nikki Sawyers). Emily is super woman in my book and her son is the most gorgeous boy I have ever laid eyes on. Good job Emily.
After Arriving at the hospital ...............................Getting ready to push

Here he is ..... So precious........................................Mama and her son

Happy Family on the 2nd day...Nice shirt Emily... I have never seen her more happy. This is what God has made her to do .... be a mom.

Could this hat be any cuter.... I don't think so.

Emily is planed to be released from Missouri Baptist Hospital tomorrow, Tuesday. I know she'll be happy to post when she returns home. On behalf of the Loveall's ~ please keep them in your prayers. And I know they are grateful for all your love and support.


tebbanofamily said...

Emily & Matt,
Congratulations! He is beautiful!!! All 3 of you are in our prayers as you wait to bring sweet Andrew home from the hospital. Praying for wisdom for the doctors...

Rebecca said...

It brings me to tears of joy to see you as a mommy, Emily! Thank you for sharing your journey into motherhood with those of us who love you and Matt so much. Andrew is so precious. Know we are praying for you!!

Carin & Michael Schindler said...

Man - I had a lot of facts wrong... thanks for the revision. I am so glad you are coming home with little Drew. It warms my heart and makes me give praise to our wonderful GOD. Love you guys.