Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Grace Cole Christianson

I am excited to go visit in less than two weeks! I am excited to see Grace, and help out Miranda around the house. I plan on cooking, cleaning and being her right hand woman! I will be there before i know it! Enjoy the pictures!

Here she is- ADORABLE!
Here is the proud Granny (my Mom)!
Proud and tired Mommy (Miranda and Grace)
Proud Daddy (Kyle & Grace)


Rebecca said...

Absolutely precious! And Grandma and Daddy look so proud! I'm sure Miranda will appreciate your help, but don't push yourself too're pregnant, ya know!!

The Lovealls said...

I LOVE the picture of Kyle, it looks like Grace is smiling at him!

Shealy Size said...

Emily, tell Miranda her baby girl is beautiful (and you can't always say that about alot of babies - Noah looked like a cranky old man!)I know you are so excited to go home and see everyone - I hope you have a great time!