Thursday, January 24, 2008

Putting the crib together...

Our crib came yesterday evening! My Mom and Tom bought us the crib and had it shipped to us. We got to pick it out! It was a great deal for us and very sweet of them to buy it for us. Here is Matt working on it today. I came home for work and it was all put together. He even took pictures- what a guy!

Here is the final product (minus a mattress). I will post pictures again when the room is all done!


Megan said...

Pretty exciting! We had a crib just like that, only with a lighter wood. I loved it for all four babies. In fact, I couldn't get rid of it with the other baby stuff, so it's in storage... for what, grandkids maybe?

I love your green walls. Your room is so sweet. Perfect.

Curt Wilkinson said...

I just want to know if Matt was a real man or did he read the directions? Emily you may want to double check the connections!