Thursday, August 2, 2007

Date Night!

Because Matt's week nights are so busy (Monday & Thursday nights are Hebrew and Tuesday & Wednesday nights are Youth Group). Anyways, we decided that Friday would be a great night to go on our dates. We went on a great date last Friday night. It was nothing spectacular it was just fun to be out and be together! We started our date by eating at Pei Wei (if you haven't been there yet you must try it). We ran into some friends from my work so we ate with them. After dinner we went to Golds Gym to check it out (we have been looking for a work-out place), then we went to Boarders. Matt sat and read a book for next semester and I read the new People Magazine for the week- it was fabulous! After Boarders we went out for icecream at Oberwise (again, another place you have to try if you have not been there yet). All in all it was a great night together!


Lyra said...

You guys are so cute! Yay for date night!

The Cochrans said...

Hey- we miss you guys. Let's hang out soon!